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10 Inspiring Eclectic Interior Design Ideas To Make Your Home Stand Out


Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic design is often punctuated by a cohesive theme, like boho-eclectic which adheres to Bohemian stylistic undertones. Alternatively, glam-eclectic places more emphasis on saturated and vivid palettes.

The term “Eclecticism” comes from the Greek word for “selected” that was first used in the 1800s as a way for architects to create iconic designs, while still making enough room for classic styles and perspectives.

Eclectic interior design features

The eclectic home design incorporates a wide yet well-curated blend of aesthetic and practical elements.

1) Using a wide variety of graphic design elements. The central concept in eclectic design is the combination of prints, patterns, and textures.

2) This is a design style called eclectic, which combines bits of various styles & historical designs to come up with an original look. An example would be mixing vintage furniture with minimalist contemporary art or combining a mid-century bedroom with a French Renaissance theme in the bathroom.

3) It’s been meticulously curated. Although the eclectic interior design may appear to be straightforward at first, decorators must diligently select the different factors to ensure everything fits together. A unifying feature or theme, such as color, texture, or a noticeable focal point will help create an effective space.

Eclectic homes tend to be overflowing with a wide and diverse range of motifs, colors, materials & textures. It’s maximalist rather than minimalist in style. We’ll explore some of the ways you can achieve this style without anything looking uncoordinated. Even though there is no set way to achieve it, the eclectic look has a certain organic feel.

Modern Rustic

Modern Rustic is a mix of modern, rustic, and boho styles. It consequently provides homeowners with a zesty and casual look at the same time. This design combines clean & fresh areas with others that are more chic & cozy.

Start with mid-century modern furniture and then add rustic materials and natural textures to get this modern rustic space. The colors are lots of various patterns combined together – but they work well and it feels both organic and exotic.

You should really look into layering different textiles to nail this eclectic style. It sounds tricky but it’s all about combining a few pieces together. Add lots of cushions, prop up some paintings on the mantle and even stack up some different carpets to create an environment that is aesthetically pleasing while still being livable. It’s important to think about the importance of livability when deciding what furniture to put in your home.

Modern Rustic

Boho Minimal Style

The Boho style is a minimalist take on eclectic design. It’s atmospheric, curated, and calm.

The neutral color palette that is commonplace in Bohemian Minimalism can make your room feel like a retreat from the always-changing world outside. A wide spectrum of neutrals and flashes of earthy desert tones offer a balanced contrast to natural materials and finishes, which create an inviting coziness not found in more traditional styles. There are a lot of patterns in this area, but the neutral color scheme helps to prevent things from becoming too overpowering. So, between carpets, cushions, and wall art you can build patterns on top of patterns while still remaining within this style. Much of the wall art in this style should be geometric

Consider a laid-back design to complete the look. The unexpected is at the heart of eclectic style, but traditional layouts feel awkward for that setting. It doesn’t have to be all about seating, don’t overlook the opportunity for some additional furniture to make this area more informal. Ideas like poufs or side tables are often better options than a coffee table and can help create a laid-back atmosphere.

Boho Minimal Style

Glam Eclectic Style

In an eclectic room, this aesthetic is daring. It’s just the perfect amount of goofy while remaining true to its roots in traditional design.

This look benefits from textures, like leather, velvet, marble, and jute. They create an interesting contrast that’s integral to the aesthetic.

You’ll also see a lot of patterned patterns on the bevy of pillows and the densely textured carpets in this area. The furniture & design of the room has a retro feel, but it’s important to modernize it – through your choice of colors, patterns & decoration props.

Glam Eclectic Style

Tropical Boho Style

The tropical boho style is brightly-colored and fun. It has a lot of similarities to the maximalist end of the eclectic spectrum and features furniture and materials in a loud combination with each other, for example, the bright colors on white and black backgrounds.

Bold colors have been a key component of the boho style for years and they help bring it to life. You can pick any color, but in particular earthy colors bring the design to life. And that’s not just one light accent chair – it’s your walls, furniture, and carpets.

This outfit is not afraid of color and that is one of the main reasons why we love it! The colors aren’t only there for the sake of it, they also serve to make an otherwise frumpy space feel more lively and cozy. We were particularly fond of details like the hanging chair and the tiger rug. They add a quirky touch to an otherwise monarch.

Plant some of your favorite plants to take this appearance to the next level. A Bohemian atmosphere is created by a good amount of plants, in all shapes, sizes, and types. Plants, as well as some natural materials near you, help to keep things balanced.


Mod Collector Style

This design style is more eclectic than traditional mid-century interiors. It can be fun and edgy!

Mid-century modern design is all about clean, classic lines. What you do after that is up to you!

The design of this style will create dramatic effects with retro features such as a striking green sofa and a slightly slanted bookcase.

We also included different chairs but we made sure that they match each other well. The black fabric can be found on both side chairs but their designs are radically different so the area doesn’t look too plain.

Aesthetically speaking, it’s all about mixing patterns and textures. The mod collector style in particular is all about mixing materials. Combining contrasting materials and textures in one space will help maintain a sense of balance; inspire creativity.

Mod Collector Style

California Casual Style

California Casual Style: traditional style meets contemporary with a fashionable edge to it. Soft furnishings and natural materials make it great for use in workplaces. Bright colors make the style upbeat and very easy to work in giving you that relaxed, easygoing feeling.

Many features, including the mirror, sconces, and bust near the dining table are classic.

The use of fast-changing geometric patterns and a neutral color palette keep this space from feeling too cold or cliche. The furnishings are all very comfortable which makes it even more inviting.

This area comes to life with a diverse combination of natural textures and materials that give it an eclectic feel in this modern interior space. Natural textures ground and lend individuality to the aesthetic, from the woven baskets, to the woven pendant.

California Casual Style

Minimal Eclectic Style

“Minimalist Maximalism” is a design style that combines minimalist design principles (less is more) with the appreciation of rich materials and vibrant colors sometimes present in maximalism. What’s the end result? A look that is both bold and modest at the same time.

This style uses bold designs for an eclectic space. Fewer furniture items are also utilized as a result of that. One-of-a-kind and purposeful pieces can be found in this aesthetic as well, like some hardwood furniture or artifacts from another culture.

This aesthetic is more about strong forms and a luxurious combination of materials than it is about a precise color palette that makes a statement piece.

You can mix different types of furniture, such as mid-century and industrial, to add an eclectic touch to the space. Try to focus on the shape and material, not the design style.

Minimal Eclectic Style

Mix Furniture Styles

Eclectic style is defined by the mix of styles that creates a new and refreshing interior. This could include anything from combining furniture types to more decorative items. A great example of this would be an eclectic living room, where you pair traditional furniture with modern lighting!

Two layers of crazy carpets with a glam headboard. And to top it off, throw in an Art Deco mirror! Creating a cohesive color palette is important when mixing unexpected pieces together.

Even though the designs are different, both the furniture items in this design have a white color. The throw pillows’ orange pops out and goes well with the rug’s colors. Furthermore, dark wall colors contribute to the high-contrast neutrals we discussed earlier, tying in every room and space.

Mix Furniture Styles

Antiques and Vintage-Style

Vintage furniture is always a great choice to add some charm to your living room or dining room. The mirrors, side table, and floor lamp featured below are perfect examples of how any space can become more distinctive with just a few vintage-inspired items. For a more unique & historic feel, try acquiring antique pieces with worn textures and finishes. This includes pieces from the Scandinavian or 20th-century Victorian eras.

You might also take care to fake it if your location doesn’t have a high stock of quality vintage chairs or chandeliers. Consider using old wood finishes or patina metal in order to achieve the look you’re going for.

Antiques and Vintage-Style

Eclectic Approach to Styling

Don’t want to go all-out with your eclecticism? Consider incorporating diverse design elements into your area, as well. One of our favorites is a gallery wall, with unique art and accessories.

For anyone seeking a more restrained home decor, then avoiding dark-colored walls and hanging art is the way to go. Try using console tables and credenzas instead for an eclectic feel. They give any space a trendy new edge whilst being low on commitment.

Eclectic Approach to Styling

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