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15 Beautiful Architecture Built Into Nature


Architecture Built Into Nature

Study nature, love nature, and remain near nature

Frank Lloyd Wright’s most enduring contribution is without a doubt his nature-integrated contemporary dwellings. From more visible instances such as Pennsylvania’s Fallingwater to the manner in which organic forms found in nature affected practically every design he conceived. Wright once stated, “Study nature, love nature, and remain near to nature.” It will never let you down. It should come as no surprise that the renowned architect’s greatest talent was in integrating, balancing, and communicating the inside and outside.

15 breathtaking mansions built into nature

Wright believed that architects should study nature, but John Ruskin went a step further. The Victorian-era author stated that an architect should be dispatched “to our hills, to investigate what nature means by a buttress and what it means by a dome.” Whether motivated by Wright, Ruskin, or another, many architects have followed the advice to incorporate nature into the built environment over the years. This section of AD examines some of the finest examples of this. From an arachnid-shaped mansion in the desert that took over two decades to build to a modest home dug into a hill in France, these unique homes resemble living works of art. Listed here are 15 breathtaking mansions built into nature.

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