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9 UFO-Inspired Residences Across the Globe


Residences Across the Globe

John Lautner introduced his gravity-defying Chemosphere

The design of the 1960s was characterized by optimistic curves and sleek lines due to the space race and economic prosperity. John Lautner introduced his gravity-defying Chemosphere, while Finnish architect Matti Suuronen presented the world the Futuro house: a prefabricated, plastic-shelled vacation home resembling a flying saucer. 1968 marked the debut of the Futuro home, which was originally intended as a portable ski lodge due to its capacity to heat up rapidly. In 1973, an oil embargo led the price of petroleum to skyrocket, resulting in the cessation of production. Today, only 68 survive.

From a Navy recruitment office to a hamburger counter, futuro dwellings were put to other uses. Many were abandoned over time, and in some fortunate instances they were renovated by architects or bought by museums and modern art galleries for public display.

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