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Actress Lois Robbins’s Central Park Apartment


Central Park Apartment

Actress of cinema

Lois Robbins, an actress of cinema, television, and the stage, and her husband, Andrew Zaro, a businessman, moved into their brand-new apartment near Central Park while it was still mostly an unrealized dream.

Central Park

They genuinely listen to their customer

The pair really moved in as is for a while to acquire a feel for the place. Robbins agrees that it is ideal to be able to spend time in a space before committing to a design for it. Because the scenery is so breathtaking, I found myself wanting to open every window in the house. To take use of the wonderful light from the full-bleed windows shown in neighbouring rooms, they hired architect Andrea Miranda to further open up the living areas. “We opened up the walls between the living room and the dining room,” says Robbins. We may be in the living room, dining room, or wherever in between and still have a perfect view.

Robbins says of the undertaking, “We had resolved on actually doing [it] for ourselves, since our final kid had departed for college.” That meant hiring Anthony Ingrao and Randy Kemper, two interior designers whose work Robbins loved. Robbins explains, “They genuinely listen to their customer.” They gave me a ton of say in the process.

Central Park

Make every space seem

The couple requested that each space be aesthetically pleasing as well as welcoming, cozy, and warm. Even in such rich and art-filled surroundings, the ability to easily host guests was critical. (A Wayne Thiebaud artwork in one common area may be raised to display a television.) According to Kemper, “they don’t like extremely minimal.” They appreciate high-end touches. Nonetheless, we all tried to avoid making the impressive setting in the glitzy edifice seem stuffy and official. Less flashy and more grounded and cozy.”

The question is, where to start? Robbins declares, “I have to admit, I’ve never had so much fun.” They have an impressive collection that the two of them share. The allure of turning one’s flat into a gallery is strong. According to Kemper, “while we were constructing backdrops, we didn’t completely evaluate the art collection in any of the rooms.” We tried to make every space seem as sophisticated as possible, and the artwork we included did nothing to dull the effect.

Central Park
Central Park

Modern furniture

“They were more conventional at the beginning and that steadily altered,” Ingrao says of their clientele. According to Kemper, “[Robbins’s] interest in craftspeople and the individuals who are producing modern furniture right now expanded, and that transformed her emphasis… to something more evolved and current.” Lois’s unique quality is that she is a very enthusiastic and enthusiastic person. She has a deep appreciation for music, art, and architecture. She really stepped it up when we chose to go in a more modern way. Therefore, every space is alive with textured, organic forms.

The gang became close because of the daring decision to paint the den a deep burgundy. Robbins remembers saying, “Let’s give that space a lot of warmth,” and the group agreed that it was a good idea. The designers, who initially proposed a light blue for those walls, eventually changed their minds.

Central Park

The world outside their front door

However, it is the world outside their front door that never ceases to amaze the pair. Robbins promises that he will never become used to the scenery or take it for granted. I can see ice skaters enjoying Strawberry Fields in the winter. When you look out over the streets of Manhattan and see how people are living their lives, you really begin to feel like you belong there. You might say it’s really fantastic.

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