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Explore a 1970s Connecticut House That Was Transformed Into a Modern Family Retreat


Modern House Family Retreat

The interior designer explains

Jae Joo has always had a soft place for the state of Connecticut. The interior designer explains, “It’s the location I went to college, met my spouse, got married, and had my first apartment.” It’s also where she’s spent “countless hours antiquing and seeking for the greatest flea markets around,” she says.

Joo’s design career sprang in large part from her passion for collecting antique and handcrafted objects, therefore the state’s vintage furniture shopping was especially intriguing to her. (She jokes that she has hoarding tendencies.) Her eponymous Manhattan-based business has become well-known in its six years for the way she layers modern design with objects from decades and centuries past to create settings that are subtle yet full of personality and warmth.


Midcentury modern property

That’s why it grabbed her interest when she came across a midcentury modern property for sale near one of her clients’ residences in a forested enclave in southwest Connecticut’s Fairfield County, roughly an hour’s drive from her offices in Tribeca.

It’s in a neighborhood that has the ambiance of a wooded area, and the house seemed like a lot of fun. She describes the home as having “a 1970s disco vibe,” or a “party house” vibe. The home gave off an air of ease and coziness despite its seeming minimal upkeep, what with its mostly open-plan ground floor, vaulted timber ceilings, and vistas of leafy greenery.

Joo and her husband Devin believed it would be perfect for the parties they planned to throw. We didn’t want to have to worry about things being messed up, she stresses. In addition, she was able to incorporate her many vintages and artisanal findings while also creating a place that gave off a feeling of the outdoors. What this means is that the house “is everything I enjoy, all put together,” which is the ideal description of anyone’s dwelling.


The kitchen favorite area

Joo considers the kitchen to be his favorite area in the house. According to the designer, “I cook, and my favorite thing is to have people around,” so she made sure there was enough room for both herself and her visitors. That meant making it a place where people felt comfortable hanging out: “someplace people could relax, that wouldn’t seem too functional—a space you could hang in.”

Since the preexisting kitchen was quite barren, she began from scratch, using details to bring warmth (sometimes very literally) (like the big Ilve stove). Plastered walls, all-wood Shaker-style cabinets, crown molding painted in Hardwick White and Shadow White by Farrow & Ball, and a plethora of historic artifacts were included throughout the room. The huge handmade wood island is complemented with four-legged counter stools that harken back to the days of rural kitchens and Moroccan rugs.


Contemporary architecture

Joo didn’t find any conflict between the house’s contemporary architecture and the traditional touches she added. The combination of modern and classical elements is one of my favorite things in the world.

Joo was able to finally furnish a home in which she could freely express her penchant for vibrant hues, an aesthetic preference she has found that her customers do not often share. The following being a prime example: Skylar Hughes, an artist living in Los Angeles, created a mural on a bedroom wall. Joo remembers him fondly: “He came here for two weeks, trekking around, soaking in the natural surroundings, and becoming tremendously inspired by them.” 

Then, to complement and enhance the natural scenery outside, he painted an abstracted woodland scene in the guest rooms best suited for young children. Lastly, the organically curved ceramic pots on the headboard of the red-lacquered bespoke bed were hand-thrown by Joo’s friend Jenny Min. (The kitchen, main bathroom, dining room, and bedroom all include Min wares as decor.)

Joo said that she intended the home to have a “lived in,” “pleasant,” and “family-oriented” vibe. “Most of the time, my work follow a strict format and are heavily edited. I, on the other hand, prefer a less formal approach.


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