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How to Decorate in Contemporary Style


Decorate in Contemporary Style

The Complete Guide to Interior Design for Modern Living Spaces

Contemporary interior styles are inviting and relevant to today’s tastes while also being clean, spacious, and open. Fit for both the home and office, it doesn’t sacrifice comfort for the sake of design.

The key to achieving the look of a modern home is to focus on color, space, and shape. By sticking to sleek and fresh styles, your interior will be at the peak of modernity.

Uses of Color

Neutrals, black and white are the 3 main colors used in a typical modern-style interior. Black is often used to ground a contemporary-looking room while white is often used for making everything else pop. The palette is often accentuated with bright and bold colors that contrast with the neutral palette.

If you paint your walls a neutral shade, it’ll provide a focal point for your boldly colored accessories and furniture. If you keep the rest of the colors in the room neutral, pick out small pops of color elsewhere to emphasize that focal.


Line and Space

Contemporary interior design should have a prominent set of lines that are usually straight vertical or horizontal and some curved shapes. The design choice is evident in any contemporary style home. The line manifests in the use of bold color blocks, high ceilings, bare windows, and geometric shapes in sculpture and wall art.

It’s often easy to underestimate the beauty of an empty space. Plenty of interior designers like to turn them into their own customized artwork, but there are also plenty that chooses to leave them as they are. Spaces with fewer furnishings appear more open and spacious.

You can use the space around you to beautify your home. Try using structural elements like air ducts if they’re near the ceiling or bricks if, for example, you are creating a traditional-style room. Using plumbing pipes in an all-white apartment can also add a contemporary touch. To draw the eye, paint these structural details in bold contrasting colors, or, to diminish their importance, blend them with the walls.

contemporary design style
Contemporary design style

Contemporary-Style Furniture

Furniture pieces should make a bold statement, but at the same time without curves or decoration. A nice uncluttered look is what people desire these days. Sleek, clean lines are a must. Upholstered furniture should usually be made of black, white, or other neutral materials which use natural fibers like cotton, wool, and linen. Adding geometric pillows can make your house more appealing to the eye.

Outline a simple background, like solid black or beige, and accentuate it with your favorite color. Furniture such as sofas and chairs often have exposed legs. In contrast, chairs, beds, and ottomans usually omit trims or tassels. Don’t use ruffles, details, or prints. Lose the floral prints and go for something that’s clean and simple.


Modern floors should be bare and smooth, preferably using wood, tile, or vinyl. The carpet is a good choice for sound control and warmth but it can also be plain or geometric patterned. Add color to your home with these types of rugs.

Lighting Considerations and Art

Wall-mounted track lighting and recessed lighting provide a focal point for light. These fixtures can be combined with other types of light for an even more dramatic effect, such as cove lights to highlight a particular area. You may also want to consider adding metallic or colored features to the fixture itself and incorporating different color shades or materials into the overall design.

Use spotlights or directional lighting to cast light on your favorite pieces of art. Avoid placing art pieces where they are obscured by furniture or if you want to show them off with a backdrop. Lower sculptures or wall-mounted prints look great when placed on a structural column that adds up lighting from below. The frames you choose for the artwork should generally be in matte mineral black, natural wood, or metallic finish. Hang up these frames close to each other so that they form a sense of one large piece.

Contemporary design is modern and simple, so don’t clutter the space with unwanted pieces. It’s not about stuff in contemporary. It’s about what are you trying to say through a room and how it makes you feel in that space.

Other Design Elements

If you are still in the process of decorating in a contemporary style, avoid using metal or stone as they can feel hard & cold. Instead, use opaque or clear glass & metal finishes to give your space a natural yet sleek look.

Subtle, solid colors are more suitable for a modern home as they are cleaner and don’t overpower the space. Patterns can be great with two-toned canvases. Consider a zebra-print pillow in black leather, a leopard-print pillow on plain flooring, or a bold & textured striped rug to anchor sleek furniture.

When it comes to plants and flowers, contemporary spaces do best with large, dramatic arrangements. Using larger blooms with interesting leaves is better than trying to decorate a space with smaller arrangements. Use upward-facing garden lights near large plants on the floor. Arrange the rocks and bark chips in pots neatly around the plant’s roots.

Make sure your dinnerware and silverware pieces are modern too. There’re many shapes, vivid colors, and unique styles to choose from- which ones would work best with the rest of your decor?

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