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Inside a Magnificent Contemporary Mansion Perched above Beverly Hills


Contemporary Mansion Perched above Beverly Hills

Mansion Perched above Beverly Hills

It doesn’t take long to understand that the stunning vistas of the Santa Monica Mountains that surround this freshly renovated 6,500-square-foot Beverly Hills home are its driving visual force. Outside, a classic silver Porsche Carrera is visible, while inside, floor-to-ceiling windows occur as regularly as head-turning works of art.

David Lucas, creative director at Seattle-based interior architecture and design studio Lucas, says of his clients, a New York couple who relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to their grandchildren, “They are avid collectors of art and design objects, so we knew their collection had to play a significant role.”

Suzie Lucas, David’s sister and the firm’s cofounder and chief designer, explains, “From the outset, we aimed to imbue the home’s vastness and scale with a true sense of coziness.” (Their other sister, Rachel Lucas, eventually joined the family firm and is currently operations director.) “This is always a difficulty in a room like this, but especially so when the customer has such a vast assortment of artwork and furnishings.”


Trousdale Estates complex goes back to the 1950s

The residence is located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Trousdale, a cluster of luxury residences perched on the highest point of Beverly Hills with a long history of midcentury modernism. The original Trousdale Estates complex goes back to the 1950s, when superstars such as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra constructed luxury houses there.

Although there existed a 1967-built house on the property, the Lucas design team decided against a renovation and instead rebuilt the complete structure from scratch. David affirms, “The view from this location is stunning.” However, the residence was entirely obsolete. A whole renovation ensured that no architectural element was too large or too tiny for the resulting two-bedroom, four-bathroom property. The ceilings were elevated, walls of combed limestone were erected, and an infinity pool was created up to the living room window. David explains that the pool’s purchasers took a significant leap of faith. However, they saw that it would enhance the overall project.


the exterior to the inside of the living area

The living room exemplifies the custom approach of the designer, which resulted in luxurious materials. A flame-sprayed nickel wall was built from the exterior to the inside of the living area, which has a curving Vladimir Kagan sofa, an Ado Chale coffee table, and Ralph Pucci lounge chairs on a bespoke wool and silk rug by Fedora Design.

A number of the artworks were commissioned, including one by the American artist and designer David Wiseman, which is maybe not unexpected. The artist constructed a light sculpture that hangs in the living room over a sunken TV lounge. David Lucas states that the trees on the land served as the idea for the artwork. Wiseman cast acorns from the tree and utilized them as a feature in the sculpture, allowing the branches to have the proportions and scale of the actual forest. “One of the most enchanting lighting moments occurs at night with the sculpture,” the interior designer explains. “It seems as if you were sitting beneath the limb of a tree laced with lights. It is magnificent.”

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