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12 Stunningly Remote Modern Cabins Around the World


Modern Cabins Around the World

Contemporary cabins 

The idea of cabins may conjure up ideas of a modest dwelling with wood-clad walls and a pitched roof situated in an endless wilderness.

These contemporary cabins will alter all you know about the appearance and style of the quaint cottages, even if the natural beauty remains. Worldwide, architects are rethinking the cabin experience, and a new book from Images Publishing catalogs all of them.

Modern Cabins: Return to the Wild examines the most remarkable cabins in Asia, Europe, and the United States, and photographs the buildings in their ideal isolated environments. Dev Desai says in the preface that the book “celebrates our fundamental relationship with nature via a collection of breathtaking modern architectural interventions in purely natural settings, each as unique as the nations and locations in which they were erected.” From coastal getaways to woodland hideaways, the 12 magnificent cabins featured in Modern Cabins: Return to the Wild are seen here.

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