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Modern House in Old San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Modern House in Old San Miguel

French-American entrepreneur

San Miguel de Allende was a magical place when I first visited. Architect Roy Azar of Mexico City explains that “it had to be heard, felt, and integrated into the house—it had to be made visible and tactile.” The house’s magnificent setting on the side of a lake with a vista of vineyards and mountain peaks in the background helped lead Azar, too.

The owner, a French-American entrepreneur, had spent the previous 15 years in the heart of San Miguel de Allende but decided to make the move to the city’s outskirts in pursuit of peace and quiet. He tasked Azar with creating an ultra-contemporary farmhouse for him. The architect started with a blank slate and designed a 10,000 square foot, single-story house with a U-shaped layout that takes full advantage of the spectacular vistas.

Modern House

Luxury of daydreaming

When the epidemic first broke out and everyone was confined to their homes, that’s when we began the design process. Azar adds, “This allowed me the luxury of daydreaming about the site’s surroundings and reflecting on that tranquil perspective, modern architectural volumes, and local materials, and how all three may logically come together.”

Black concrete, cream limestone, and wood were utilized throughout the home, and each was hand-picked for its unadorned simplicity and purity. “This was the basic palette, which expanded as we added more elements that complimented the core ones,” he explains.

Modern House

The unusual dressing room

Everything has to shine brightly and have a variety of textures. The foyer of this home is flooded with light from the windows and serves as an inviting entryway. It’s a standalone pavilion, and its perforated walls let the breeze in during the day and cast beautiful shadows at night. Large black obsidian stones and magnolia trees populate the Zen garden which can be accessed from the family area. There is a lake with jacaranda trees visible from the kitchen, and a swimming pool that stretches out for 60 feet.

Because of its central location, the master bedroom provides easy access to all parts of the home. The architect explains, “The unusual dressing room, surrounded with enormous windows and located beneath a massive dome, allows you to watch the passage of the sun throughout the day, and in the rear, there’s a place for reading, naps, and meditation.” The design also incorporates water elements and inside courtyards to further blur the lines between the rooms and outside. There is no room for error. If everything makes sense, he argues, and there’s a rationale for how things are.

Modern House
Modern House

Furnishings and lighting

All the furnishings and lighting fixtures were carefully selected to fit the building’s architectural style while still being stylish, inviting, and practical. This residence has furniture by Italian designer Pietro Franceschini, textiles by Pierre Frey, a handmade rug, pieces by Taller de Obsidiana, and more from renowned designers and studios.

Everything was designed with sensory stimulation in mind, with nature playing a starring role. As Azar puts it, “time pauses to live in full tranquillity” in this dwelling.

Modern House

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