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Sydney’s Tropical Brutalist Waterfront Residence


Brutalist Interior Design

Greg Natale, an interior designer, imbues the three-story concrete residence with vibrant modernism.

Greg Natale’s designs are distinguished by their expressive use of luxurious materials and colors, as well as their remarkable layering. For the tastefully maximalist interior designer, the finest result of any project is not only the presence of his unique touches across a place, but rather when his clients question him while he concurrently pushes them in new directions. This was the situation when he worked on their Sydney home alongside his old buddy, her husband, and their three children.


The project displays the width and depth of Natale’s inventiveness

For the three-story, five-bedroom new construction built on a cliff by the Georges River, Natalie served as both architect and interior designer, giving his meticulous attention to detail to every facet of the property. The project displays the width and depth of Natale’s inventiveness, as well as a great deal of passion and feeling. The interior designer’s client and close friend passed suddenly shortly after the five-year project was done, yet her vision lives on in every detail and material combination.


Natale drew influence from the Brazilian brutalist

With the homeowner’s goal for a midcentury space and the existing tropical surroundings, Natale drew influence from the Brazilian brutalist style of architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, particularly his projects in raw concrete and rosewood, as well as the interaction between indoor and outdoor spaces. “I began fitting these elements together, and [the homeowner] pushed me with color,” adds Natale. She requested contrasting items, which is not something I generally do, but I am really pleased with the outcome. Patterned tiles — one of Natale’s concepts that his buddy fell in love with early on — defined the outside tone, interacting with the irregular concrete slabs and the striking black bricks.


rosewood ceilings

Inside the residence, rosewood ceilings meet concrete walls to create an appealing grid that is accentuated by brass-filled tie holes visible in each block. Natale states, “My love of layering does not negate the fact that I am a modernist at heart.” His preference for clear lines and aversion to clutter allowed magic to arise from the basic materials.

Beyond the rosewood ceilings and American oak flooring, a palette of gentle pink, calming green, and varied tones of teal are interwoven throughout the house. The pink tones seen in sheer curtains, marble veins, and children’s bathroom tiles provide a contrast to the surrounding concrete. 

The very ’70s-style sunken lounge is a favorite room in the house, not only because of its expansive views of the water and modular forest green Minotti sectional, but also because it demonstrates expert color clashing, robust materials, and a signature design element of Natale’s: mirrored patterns in his rugs and ceiling. “I created the rug to resemble the diamond-patterned ceiling, and together they make an attractive shell that enhances the room’s coziness without sacrificing its modernity.”


vintage midcentury furniture

Moving around the house, from the master bedroom and bathroom on the top floor with their calming teal French wash ceilings to the children’s rooms and ensuite (which all include pink accents and teals in varying proportions), the coherence is clear. Even on the lowest level, where an amazing entertainment area is adorned with geometric-patterned monochrome tiles and a striking marble bar, constant ceilings and walls serve as a foundation for the layered features. The addition of vintage midcentury furniture amplifies the space’s sense of vitality.

The home blends Brazilian brutalism and Natale’s version of modernism, as well as the homeowner’s vision, energy, and love of color, whether in a snug inner corner or a colorful outdoor setting.

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