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Tour a Chicago Home Where Lost Historic Charm Was Restored


Chicago Home

Home designer from Chicago

Wendy Labrum, a designer from Chicago, spends a great deal of time determining where to conceal the Legos. (As well as Magna-Tiles, Thinking Putty, and PlayMobil…) Not only does she have four children of her own, but she also tends to attract clients from the same demographic.

Labrum states, “We’ve grown fairly skilled at building intelligently for families.” “Toy storage is essential, as are sturdy, easy-to-clean textiles that children may handle with dirty hands.” If people spend a lot of money on design, they want it to feel elegant, not like they live in a kindergarten.


Chicago’s Lincoln Park area

Her most recent undertaking, an 1889 red-brick row home in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area, shows the designer’s approach to child-friendly beauty. With playthings carefully disguised behind a handcrafted cabinet and a television hidden behind a two-way mirror, even the formal living area welcomes the youngest family members. The room can be transformed from a children’s area to a cocktail hour in a couple of minutes.

“Space in the city is very valuable. “We wanted to utilize every space in the home,” one homeowner explains. (She and her husband are also young professionals, and they have twins who are four years old.) No matter how chaotic the house becomes throughout the day, at night we return to a state of order and peace by putting everything back in its place.


Labrum began isolating which modifications to retain while restoring some Victorian authenticity

The backyard drew the couple to the property, not the interior, which had been stripped of its original characteristics via a succession of contemporary restorations. Labrum began isolating which modifications to retain while restoring some Victorian authenticity.

“All of the ancient mantles had disappeared,” Labrum states. “The fireplaces were curiously constructed from sheetrock. However, there was a really beautiful handcrafted glass banister spanning all four levels, which was the architectural center point. And we appreciated the kitchen’s contemporary cabinets. The objective was to combine some of these stylish, contemporary aspects with period characteristics more suitable for the property.”



continue excavating until they located it

Labrum obtained antique and bespoke marble mantles, including one for an additional fireplace the previous owner had blocked off. “In this little kitchen sitting space, the molding followed a wall protrusion, but the wall itself was plain,” recalls Labrum. Upon observing it, I concluded that there must have been a fireplace at one time.

She requested that the workmen continue excavating until they located it, after which the chimney was converted with gas. The owner states, “This is one of my favorite comfortable locations in the house.” We utilize it daily during the cold months.

Labrum designed a unique headboard with scalloped edges for the master bedroom in order to bridge the gap between the very ancient and the very new. It is accompanied by a matching credenza. The clients delegated to Labrum a significant number of important choices. The owner states, “I was quite active in the construction of our last home.” “At the time, I had recently returned to work with twin toddlers at home. I did not have a lot of free time.”


the vibrant color scheme

One aspect that required some encouragement? Labrum vigorously advocated for the vibrant color scheme. Labrum said, “I don’t generally design with a lot of bright, vivid colors, but I felt this house deserved it.” “The consumers were incredibly kind and dependable. They allowed us to force them beyond of their comfort zones.”

The owner responds, “I give Wendy so much credit for it.” “I am generally drawn to neutral colors, yet my workspace is red. Our restroom has a colorful powder room. Our living room features some greens and orange…. It’s not what I would have selected, but I believe it helped to warm up the entire house, so I’m pleased we did it.”

The busy family now likes the jewel-toned sanctuary. The owner states, “We travel frequently.” However, we enjoy going home.

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