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Tour the Old-Yet-New Beverly Hills Home of One Young Family


Home of One Young Family

British designer

Jake Arnold is a British designer who loves working on historic properties in his adoptive city of Los Angeles, therefore the city’s constant stream of “newness” may be disheartening for him. So when his customers needed his assistance selecting a new house, he warned them off of modern buildings that, in his words, “had no soul.” They took he advise and bought a home from the mid-20th-century Hollywood architect Gerard Colcord, who was recognized for incorporating traditional architectural features like colonnades, bay windows, and pitched roofs into his work. “It was a great joy to be a part of locating this home,” Arnold explains. In an effort to make them into something classic, I pushed them.


Beverly Hills bungalows

The Beverly Hills bungalow’s original structure was preserved, but the interiors had been renovated in a manner that ran counter to the designer’s preference for historical rehabilitation. Spent a year and a half of his life tearing down these additions and restoring the building’s original character. The six thousand seven hundred square foot, five-bedroom residence stretches along a garden with tree cover and canyon vistas.


Wide circular couch

“One of the most difficult things about the home was that some of the areas had odd angles or enormous apertures,” he explains. He came up with the idea to fill the interiors with custom furniture that had unusual, sinuous shapes to maintain the flow. In the mauve-hued library, a kidney-shaped coffee table made of velvet quartzite marble sits between a Liberty of London cotton-covered sofa and a spherical stool crafted from rope and wood. 

The spouse is an investor with extensive ties in the entertainment business, so the designer positioned a wide circular couch in the workplace to accommodate the many meetings he hosts. Arnold comments on the couch’s shape, “a free-form silhouette worked better than a square sofa.” The sofa is upholstered in light blue velvet. The door’s location in the room’s middle made it seem cramped.


Cutting-edge perspective

Arnold sought to visually complement the home’s vernacular, but he did it from a young, cutting-edge perspective, fusing together a wide range of materials and patterns with references to a number of other eras (including modernism and Art Deco). Arnold enjoys showcasing a classic corner bar he had custom-made with a brass top and chestnut suede upholstery in the living room. 

Also included are the classic Yo-Yo tubular steel-legged stools designed by Jean Royère, whose cushions are upholstered in brown mohair. A 2011 oil painting by John Currin titled Crystal’s Friend depicts a cheerful lady with long auburn hair that goes well with the cozy, natural tones of the bar’s decor.


The powder room

The powder room follows the same pattern of tongue-in-cheek color play found everywhere in the house. The brighter colors of the luxury Breccia de Vendome floor and vanity are repeated on the walls and ceiling, which are painted burnt sienna. “The customers wanted the house to feel comfortable and intimate for the family, but also a beautiful background for a party,” he explains. They have fantastic dinner parties, so I hear.

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