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Travel Through the Unique Apartment of a Nashville Horse Lover


Nashville Horse Lover

Tennessee has discovered the ideal pied-à-Terre

A young equestrian designer who divides her time between Florida and Tennessee has discovered the ideal pied-à-Terre in a beautiful and historic area in Nashville. This is mostly due to Jason Arnold, an interior designer based in Nashville who is renowned for establishing a feeling of balance in his continuously polished homes. Arnold recalls that his customer desired a look that was youthful, timeless, and traditional. “She has a dog, and she returns home immediately after riding, so it was also crucial that everything was durable.”

The designer says that the entire project was successful because the customer trusted him to do what he does best: combine old and modern, inherited and acquired beautiful and playful elements. Arnold surmised that his client was attracted to a layered appearance, despite her inability to articulate her specific desires. And he delivered. The Hickory Chair reupholstered with Rubelli fabric is fresh in the living area, although the Mini Skirt drinks table by Bunny Williams Home is a classic. The Lucite tables are old, as is the brass-and-leather-wrapped Visual Comfort floor lamp with a triangular shade.


He commissioned a Birmingham manufacturer

This room, along with the others, has a sense of timelessness due to the furniture that has been accumulated over time. Arnold continues, “I included some antiques that were passed down from her grandmother, who had impeccable taste and flair.” In the guest bedroom, Zak + Fox wallcoverings that are geometric and nearly flowery complement the owner’s grandmother’s dresser and a brilliant blue bedspread. There is an eccentric Pierre Paulin tongue chair and a very mature Phillip Jeffries wallcovering in the den to balance the limited area. In the dining room, Arnold hung a Broad Beach chandelier wrapped in rope above a handcrafted, if diminutive, six-seat dining table.

Arnold says, “She’s not a tremendous hostess, but she does occasionally work at the dining room table and has guests around.” “The chandelier emits a honeyed radiance that makes everyone appear beautiful.” He commissioned a Birmingham manufacturer to make a unique four-poster iron bed for the master bedroom, set it atop an Antrim geometric rug, and rounded out the area with Lee Industries armchairs reupholstered in royal blue Weitzner cloth. Arnold selected the Bhawana nightstand from Global Views, which complements the handcrafted dresser that resembles something the equestrian’s grandmother passed down.


I adore smaller rooms

Almost every surface in the bedroom and throughout the two-bedroom apartment is adorned with framed artwork, urns, strange lamps, and surprising curios. Arnold observes that these one-of-a-kind objects provide the owner with something fresh to wonder at each time she enters her home, especially because she is only there part-time.

Arnold adds, “I adore smaller rooms, and when you have a wonderful foundation, stacking all these elements can really tell the tale.” “I believe this home portrays the tale of a well-traveled, eclectic, intriguing young woman with refined taste who is nevertheless fun and likes being surrounded by beautiful objects. I adore the result, which is made possible by the structure’s solid foundations. It is as diverse and unrestrained as its owner.


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