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Visit a Cabo Beach House With Warm Colorful Splashes


House With Warm Colorful Splashes

Chicago and Cabo

In terms of latitude and terrain, Chicago and Cabo could not be more unlike from one another. But do not tell Sasha Adler this. When a couple from Chicago hired Adler to build their new house in New Mexico, she realized there was a dissonance she was eager to explore. “This beachside property was in many ways the opposite of a city apartment,” she acknowledges. “However, I had worked with the homeowners on numerous prior Chicago projects. Even though I had a sense of what they gravitated toward, I was still quite excited about the opportunities in this new arena.”


constructed as a beach home

The homeowners, who are the parents of six children (the eldest being 11 years old), desired the area to feel comfortable and friendly. And despite the fact that priceless artworks appear to get more exquisite from one wall to the next, the innate carefree warmth of a coastal home stays unchanged. The customers add, “Our children are very courteous and aware of the artwork on the walls.” “This was constructed as a beach home, so we arrive in our wet swimsuits and sit everywhere. It’s a nice blend because none of the decors is overly elaborate.”

The clients’ hectic lifestyles in Chicago make the family-oriented aspect of their Cabo residence all the more significant. The husband and wife say, “We tend to spend a great deal of time as a family in the kitchen.” “The doors are generally always open, so we enjoy sitting there as a group and taking in the sights of the lake. It’s remarkable that everyone, including our smallest, seems to relax while we’re here.”


I don’t believe I’ve ever met hosts more generous

The customers are very generous with space, frequently bringing family and friends to Mexico to spend time with them. “I don’t believe I’ve ever met hosts more generous,” says Adler. “Therefore, I focused heavily on the notion of constructing the home not only for the immediate family but also for their guests.”

The additional effort is evident to the clients throughout the house. “You may enter a portion of the home you’ve been to before, sit down, take in the surroundings and the nuances, and feel as though you’ve never been there before,” the homeowners say. It demonstrates the power of excellent design.


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